Graduates with majors in Arabic are in high demand. Because of its strategic importance, the U.S. State Department has designated Arabic as a “critical language.” Notre Dame Arabic majors have been accepted into the leading graduate programs in the nation, and have pursued successful careers in fields such as government, business, journalism, and education.

Victoria Braga 300

“As an immigration attorney, many of the cases I work on involve Arabic speakers and individuals from countries in the Middle East," said Victoria Braga ’11, who is now a judicial law clerk in the Executive Office for Immigration Review at the U.S. Department of Justice. "My proficiency in Arabic, as well as my understanding of history, religion, politics, and culture in the Middle East help me to understand the issues in these cases, and to produce well-reasoned and well-informed work."

“In an increasingly connected world, employees’ language skills, knowledge of other cultures, and expansive worldviews are critical to the success of many companies, organizations, and government agencies. An educational background in Arabic is unique and timely—the major helps make a student an attractive job applicant, regardless of their chosen career path.”

Within six months of graduation, 98% of Notre Dame Arabic majors begin full-time jobs, enroll in graduate or professional school, join the military, or made commitments to prestigious service organizations such as Peace Corps and Alliance for Catholic Education. 

First jobs of Notre Dame Arabic majors include: 

  • Account executive, AT&T
  • Analyst, Avascent Group
  • Analyst, Huron Consulting Group
  • Associate specialist underwriter, HCC Insurance
  • Audit associate, Deloitte
  • Business analyst, Capital One
  • Case manager, U.S. House of Representatives
  • Financial analyst, Phillips Edison & Company
  • Fund development coordinator, Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Intern, Dallas Morning News
  • Mortgage banker, Quicken Loans
  • Program associate, Freedom House

Arabic majors have also been admitted to the prestigious graduate and professional schools in a variety of fields:

  • International security: University of Denver
  • International studies: University of Denver
  • Middle Eastern studies: Hebrew University of Jerusalem, University of Chicago
  • NELC: University of Chicago, Penn 
  • Law: Baylor University, Cornell University, George Mason University, Indiana University, University of Wisconsin
  • Political science: Princeton University
  • Security studies: Georgetown University
  • Spanish: New York University – Madrid
  • Theology: Boston College

*Source: Notre Dame Career Center First Destination Reports 2014–2019