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Prof. Abdulsater Wins Prestigious Book Award

Author: Brigid O'Keefe

Professor Hussein Abdulsater has been awarded "The World Award for Book of the Year of the Islamic Republic of Iran" for his book, Shi'i Doctrine, Mu'tazili Theology: al-Sharif al-Murtada and Imami Discourse. The award honors works in the fields of Islamic studies and Iranian studies. 

In Shi'i Doctrine, Mu'tazili Theology: al-Sharif al-Murtada and Imami Discourse

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"C.J." Pine '17

Author: Sherry Reichold

CJ Pine

"C.J." Pine, an Arabic and peace studies major, was named Valedictorian '2017.  CJ is currently serving as Peace Process and Programming Specialist with the  U.S. Department of State.

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Molly Herber '13

Author: Arts and Letters

"Being an Arabic major has led me to learn a rich language, giving me the opportunity to encounter new people and ideas about the world in places I never would have expected to find myself," said Molly Herber '13, now a writer for the National Outdoor Leadership School in Wyoming. 

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Caleb "C.J." Pine

Author: Carrie Gates

Caleb Pine 300

Caleb “C.J.” Pine, an Arabic and peace studies major, was named a 2016 Truman Scholar. Pine hopes to pursue a graduate program at the University of Oxford’s Refugee Studies Center.

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Sarah Tomas Morgan

Author: Arts and Letters

Sarah Tomas Morgan Spent Summer 2015 In Jordan As A Summer Language Abroad Student

“Studying Arabic this summer opened up both a new region of the world and a new realm of ideas for me to explore,” said Summer Language Abroad grant recipient Sarah Thomas Morgan.

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