Undergraduate Program

Arabic is the fifth most spoken language in the world. It is the official language of 21 countries and is the key to the Middle East, the Islamic civilization — and for many, an interesting and engaging career.  

Arabic students at Notre Dame enjoy a full range of courses including language, literature, history and culture. They travel the world and graduate with an edge in fields like business, international development, politics, academia and diplomacy.  

Arabic Major

The primary focus of the Arabic major is competence in the Arabic language, but students also study the history and culture of the Middle East. A full selection of courses in Arabic literature, history, civilization, culture, and religion provide a balanced and integrated approach to the field.

In addition to course work, the Program in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies encourages students to participate in activities related to the rich cultural and intellectual traditions of the Middle East, such as art exhibitions, concerts, film festivals, lecture series, and study abroad.

International Economics Major

Arabic students can also choose to major in International Economics. The curriculum combines rigorous coursework in the Department of Economics with advanced training in language and culture. The major also provides opportunities for study abroad as well as overseas internships and research projects. 

Middle Eastern Studies Minor

The minor in Middle Eastern studies is open to all undergraduates at Notre Dame, regardless of primary major or college. Students in this minor must complete Intermediate Arabic and a selection of courses relating to Europe, North Africa, or the Middle East.

Globally Engaged Citizens program