Arabic Major

The Arabic major is comprised of six semesters of language instruction with emphasis on proficiency in the four critical areas of language acquisition: speaking, reading, listening, and writing. A complement of classes in Middle Eastern history, religion and society (MELC classes) brings the total number of requisite credit hours to 36.  

Proficiency in Arabic is achieved through a comprehensive and integrated approach to attaining high-intermediate fluency in the areas listed above. Continuous and sustained interaction with a faculty of trained professionals, over the course of study, ensures that each student attains a highest degree of competence in the language.

6 courses in Arabic language (24)
1 course in Arabic literature taught by the Arabic faculty (3)
1 course in Middle Eastern history taught by the Arabic faculty (3)
1 course in Islamic Studies taught by the Arabic faculty (3)
1 elective, subject to departmental approval (3)

International Economics/Arabic

To prepare students for careers in global business, nonprofits, or government, the international economics curriculum combines rigorous coursework in the Department of Economics with advanced language and culture training in Arabic. The major also provides students with opportunities for study abroad, overseas internships, and research projects.

Students majoring in International Economics must meet Arabic requirements as well as economics course requirements. 

Arabic requirements include six Arabic language courses and one course in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Studies, followed by ECON 48100 Senior Research Project (SRP)  or an additional fourth-year Arabic language course.

  • MEAR 33000 Exploring International Economics (1 credit) must be taken in your sophomore year to prepare for the Senior Research Project; if you study abroad sophomore year, you must take this course junior year.

Minor in Middle Eastern Studies

The Minor in Middle Eastern Studies can be pursued by any undergraduate at the University, regardless of primary major or college. Successful completion of the program will be indicated by a certificate attached to the student’s diploma and academic transcript.

Completion of Intermediate Arabic (MEAR 20004) (4)
Three courses related to Southern Europe, North Africa, or the Middle East (9)
Research Thesis in consultation with the Arabic Faculty (3)