Why should I study Arabic? 

The program in Arabic at the University of Notre Dame will provide you with a solid foundation in the Arabic language and the nuances of its attendant cultures.

As an Arabic major, you will learn to read, write, and converse through the department’s courses, whilst exploring history, literature, culture, religion, and media studies from classic and theological texts to modern works of literature. You will work with expert faculty to build fluency in Arabic under the instruction of native speakers and holders of Ph.D.s in Arabic and related fields. 

Learning Arabic will not only develop your language skills but broaden your cultural perspective as you approach your studies from a multidisciplinary vantage point. It also opens up tremendous opportunities to internationalize your education through study abroad, intensive summer language programs, as well as research, service, and internship opportunities that extend your learning beyond the classroom.

Programs offered

We offer the following undergraduate programs for students interested in the Arabic language:

Don't know Arabic, but still want to learn about the Arabic-speaking world? Check out the Minor in Middle Eastern and North African Studies. You can also enroll in our courses taught in English

All of the courses in the Arabic Program, including those taught in English, also count towards Notre Dame’s Globally Engaged Citizens Program.

What can I do with an Arabic major? 

Arabic Class

The future is bilingual. With a diverse array of course offerings, ranging from beginning to advanced Arabic, alongside opportunities to study abroad, you will be well-positioned to begin a career immediately upon graduation in a rapidly expanding global economy where bilingualism is considered a great asset. 

Recent graduates have secured jobs in technology, consulting, and government, and have pursued advanced degrees in the humanities or sciences. 

Notre Dame Arabic majors have also been accepted into leading graduate programs around the world and have built successful careers in fields such as law, government, business, journalism, and education.

A significant percentage have also chosen to pursue full-time service work, seeking to make a difference in the world while building real-world skills.

Learn more about how 98% of Arabic alumni found success after graduation.  

Questions? Want to get started in Arabic?

Please contact:

Professor Ghada Bualuan
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Phone: 574-631-1402