Ghada Bualan, Associate Teaching Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies

Notre Dame's Program in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies offers an Arabic major and a minor in Middle Eastern studies. Arabic students can also choose an interdisciplinary minor in international economics. 

The primary focus of our undergraduate program is to help students achieve competence in Arabic—a high-demand language that can be an asset in a wide array of careers. Our language courses, taught by native speakers, will help you cultivate the ability to write clearly, listen precisely, speak with fluency, and read critically. 

While language is at the program’s core, a variety of electives complement language acquisition and expose both majors and non-majors to the richness and diversity of Middle Eastern culture and Islamic intellectual history and thought. A full selection of courses in Arabic literature, history, civilization, culture, and religion provide a balanced and integrated approach to the field.

To complement coursework, the Program in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies encourages students to participate in activities such as art exhibitions, concerts, film festivals, lecture series, and immersive study abroad experiences.