Defense-Critical Languages: Arabic

Individuals who can communicate effectively in another language are in high demand across all branches of the U.S. military. But those who know defense-critical languages — those that are considered important for American defense and security as well as diplomatic communications — are especially valued.

Arabic, Chinese, and Russian are some of the languages most in demand in the military, and the University of Notre Dame has outstanding programs that help students learn a language and develop cultural fluency around the parts of the world where those languages are predominantly spoken.

All three programs in defense-critical languages at Notre Dame feature small class sizes and close communities of faculty and students, offering ample opportunity to hone skills through reading, writing, and speaking the language. And language is about more than just communication — it helps hone skills such as logic pattern recognition, critical thinking, and empathy and improves memory and increases attention span, as well.

In the classroom, students learn about history, politics, literature, and art, while departments and Notre Dame’s Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures build cultural fluency through activities and events focused around food, movies, or music.

By developing a deep understanding of another language and culture, Notre Dame ROTC cadets in the Army, Navy, and Air Force can set themselves up for success in their military careers and beyond.

Ghada Bualuan Arabic Class


Ghada Bualuan
Director of Undergraduate Studies

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