There are 5 required classes for the MENA studies minor for a total of 15 credits.

  1. Introduction to MENA Gateway Course (3 credits): The gateway course offers an introduction and overview of the region from a multi-disciplinary perspective.
  2. Three elective courses (9 credits): Courses may be taken across departments, and are not limited to those in the Arabic program. A course’s eligibility for this requirement will be determined by the director of the minor. Courses must eventually be clustered in one of two tracks:
    1. Religion and Literature
    2. History and Politics
  3. Senior capstone project (3 credits): Projects will consist of a substantial research or creative project related to the MENA region and can take the form of a separate project supervised by a faculty member or an augmented project from an additional upper-level course pertaining to the region. In the latter case, the upper-level course must be taken in addition to the three elective courses required for the minor.

Questions? Want to get started in MENA?

Please contact:

Professor  Hussein Abdulsater
Director of the Middle Eastern and North African Studies Minor
Phone: 574-631-6519