Amman, Jordan Information Session


Location: 224 DeBartolo Hall

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a relatively new nation-state built on ancient land and populated by peoples with an equally long sense of religious, familial and tribal identity. Jordan has survived the tumult of the last 60 years and has thrived and emerged as a key source of stability and model of progress in the region.

With its population of 1.5 million and its rapid spatial growth, Amman is considered a typical Middle Eastern city in terms of resource distribution, services, and economic development. Social attitudes and cultural norms are changing as well, but traditional orientations prevail. Jordanian society is still patriarchal, family-centered and home-based. You will have the opportunity to become fully immersed in this ancient society and live with it as it continues to grapple with globalization, modernization, and social change.

Program Dates*
Academic Year: Late August through mid-May
Fall semester: Late August through mid-December
Spring semester: Mid-January through mid-May

*Please take program dates into consideration and how they may coincide or conflict with internship and other academic requirements.

Academic Program
Students will participate in one of CIEE’s two study tracks in Amman, Jordan:

  • Advanced Arabic Language-- an intensive Arabic language program taught at the CIEE Study Center in a traditional neighborhood in Amman.
  • Middle East Studies--Arabic language courses and a variety of area studies courses taught in English with the option of taking a course at Princess Sumaya University of Technology (PSUT).

While previous knowledge of Arabic is not required in both tracks, enrolling in Arabic language classes is required. All students must enroll in 15 credit hours.

  • The Advanced Arabic Language Program offers courses taught in Arabic only and is for advanced students of Arabic (at least four semesters of Arabic or the equivalent)  with an Arabic language GPA of 3.3. An onsite language proficiency exam will help to place you in appropriate level courses.
  • The Middle East Studies Program  is designed for the study and experience of the language, history and culture of the region.There are no prerequisites but students are required to take both Modern Standard Arabic (6 cr.) and Colloquial Jordanian Arabic (3 cr.) while in Amman.  Students can choose the other six credits from a variety of International Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Literature and Political Science courses taught in English.  Students also have the option to participate in an an internship.

Courses for the Middle East Studies  program are listed under Curriculum.
Courses for Advanced Arabic Language  program

Approved courses are listed in the International Course Database.

Juniors are eligible for this program.

Students wishing to participate in the Arabic Language Program must have a 3.0 overall GPA and a minimum of a 3.3 GPA in Modern Standard Arabic and must have taken 4 semesters of college Arabic or the equivalent. You must pass the on-site proficiency exam as well.

Students wishing to participate in the Arabic Language and Culture Program must have a 2.75 overall GPA and demonstrate an interest in the Middle East through coursework and through their application statement.

Students wishing to participate in the Diplomacy and Policy Studies track must have an overall GPA of 3.3, have a minimum of 3 semesters of college level Arabic and have a minimum of 2 courses beyond the introductory level International Relations, Political Science, Government or Middle Eastern Studies.

Special Considerations
Students who are selected for participation will need to complete a secondary online CIEE application and provide additional information directly to CIEE. Pre-departure forms and materials will be assigned at both the myNDabroad website and the CIEE accepted student website. Each site requires you to log in to access this information.

Special Opportunities
Along with built-in overnight trips to Petra and Wadi Rum, students will have a variety of volunteer opportunities to choose from including teaching English. Internships for credit may also be available, but only with permission. Peer language tutors are also available to help you practice your language skills.

Housing and Meals
Students accepted into the Advanced Arabic Language program and some students accepted into the Middle East Studies program will be situated in homestays with Jordanian families. These students will have an inside look into the culture and language of the country, but will have to make some personal adjustments regarding personal privacy and habits and social norms. Students usually share 2 meals a day with their host family and all meals on weekends. Middle East Studies students can opt for apartment living as homestays are not guaranteed but are granted upon availability and suitability.

If you are considering applying to a study abroad program and you do not have a valid passport, or your passport will expire within six months past your program end date, please take steps to obtain or renew your passport immediately. Passports can take longer than expected to process, and you may need your passport to apply for visas well before your program begins. For more information about obtaining and renewing passports visit the United States Postal Service.

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