New course for Spring 2021: Formation of the Modern Middle East

Author: Sherry Reichold

MELC 20055: Formation of the Modern Middle East
Professor Hussein Abdulsater
MW 3:55-5:10

This course examines the history of the Middle East from the late eighteenth century to the Arab uprisings of 2011. We will approach cultural, social, political and intellectual  transformations in the Middle East. We will pursue a number of themes including  engagements with modernity; reactions to Western colonial expansion; religious and secular  reform movements; nationalism and revolution; changes in gender and family experiences;  the Arab-Israeli conflict; the impact of oil and the Cold War; postcolonial state-building; the rise of political Islam and piety movements; globalization and economic disparities; and movements for democracy and social justice. 

Formation Of Modern Middle East
Formation of the Modern Middle East poster