Video: Meet Arabic Studies Major Owen Cox

Author: Arts and Letters

“If you are interested in Arabic, sate your curiosity,” urges Notre Dame Arabic studies major Owen Cox. “It’s really rewarding. I love it.”

In addition to developing solid speaking, reading, and writing skills, students in the Arabic program take a wide selection of courses delving into Arabic literature, history, religion, and society.

“I like history and I like stories,” Cox says. “And so to go back and look at sources and read about Muslim philosophers or Arab scientists—it’s so interesting learning about the culture that really affected everything else in the modern day.”

To further enhance his knowledge, Cox traveled to Amman, Jordan, as part of the University’s Summer Language Abroad program. “It helped me in so many ways,” he says, “developing my worldview, letting me see other cultures and learn about them, academically with my language. I know for a fact that I improved phenomenally while I was there.”

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Originally published by Arts and Letters at on April 29, 2013.